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    Yumpa was created in 2015 by Next Step Foods, a small team of British food pioneers exploring the future of sustainable food. 

    As of April 2018, the company was purchased by Jean Prophete, a forward-thinking Canadian businessman who joined the insect-based food revolution making the Yumpa products even more delicious. He developed brand new formulations and expanded the product line with innovative and scrumptious crunchy bites. 

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    “Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the beauty of our planet and I feel like I have the responsibility to keep our home the most beautiful place I can imagine for the next generations. We should all be planet-friendly, and everything matters: what we do, what we think, what we eat. I dream a world of people who behave planet-friendly.“

    Jean Franqui Prophete

    Owner, Next Step Foods

    At Yumpa, we believe that insects are the food of the future, the planet friendly protein able to cope with the big challenges the world is facing nowadays, such as the rapid population growth, the massive farming unable to meet an increasing demand and the scarcity of resources. 

    We also know that an energy bar is much more than a snack: it’s an experience, a choice you make to feel good, and do good. This is why we decided to build-up a reliable sourcing for our crickets in Canada and we improved the taste of Yumpa products: to offer you the best sustainable snack ever, your planet-friendly bar. 

    Every detail matters. We select the best ingredients to prepare flavorsome, wholesome and healthy products, making sure to respect the planet every step of the process. We proudly use crickets to create an eco-friendly powder and sell our bars and bites in a certified 100% compostable wrapper.

    Because we care about the future.