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    The Planet
    Friendly Bar

    Yumpa bar is an experience, a choice you make to
    feel good, and do good

    Product Features

    Yumpa bars are good, tasty, healthy snacks, environmentally friendly with no added sugar,
    additive-free and 100% made of natural ingredients.

    Free From Gluten,
    Dairy, Soya & Sulphites
    High In Fibre
    Fully Compostable Wrapper
    No Added Sugar
    Or Sweeteners


    Nuts for Peanuts (20 Bars)
    Peanut - Caramel
    Tangy Thai (20 Bars)
    Zesty lime, Coconut, Ginger
    Cacao-a-Gogo (20 Bars)
    Cacao - Orange
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    Ready to get started?

    Are crickets a superfood?

    We believe they are a really superfood. At 60% complete protein, with all nine amino acids, cricket flour gives us one of the most incredible resources, perfect for slow-release energy.

    Cricket Powder

    • 60% Protein
    • 6% Fat
    • 2% Saturated Fats
    • 6% Carbs

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